Copy the following Data Table that you see below. You will turn it in as a grade for this assignment.


1. Go to the following link...

2. To begin this activity, you must place each item on the scale in order to determine the mass of the item. Let's start with the wood.

3. Put your mouse/cursor over the wood and right click on it. Holding the mouse button down drag it down and place it on the scale.

4. Wait a few seconds and allow the scale to finish determining the mass. Write down your mass in your data. table. Next drag the piece off of the scale and drop it into the bucket of water. Be sure to hold the right button down on your mouse. Don't let go until you reach the bucket.

5. Wait a few seconds. You will see a graduated cylinder come up. Read the volume of the object. Be aware that the computer is telling you ONLY the volume of the object. Not the volume of the object plus the water like you would normally get in a water displacement activity. Now calculate the density of the object AND show your work for each object. No work shown=No credit.

6. Click on the "Make a Hypothesis Tab." Do you think it will float or sink? Please be aware that the density of water is 1.00 g/mL. If objects have a density that is more than 1.00 g/mL then they will sink. If it is less than 1.00 then they will float.

6. Repeat the following instructions listed above for the remaining objects in the data table.

Mass of Item (g.)
Volume of Item (mL)
Density (g/ml)
Float or sink in water?