Directions: Go the website that is listed above:

Make sure you have clicked on the Introduction:
1. Approximately how much of earth’s surface does water cover?
2. How much of Earth’s water is salt water?
3. How much of Earth’s water is considered fresh?
4. Can we drink all of this fresh water the way it is? Why or why not???

Click on Scientific Concepts:
Define the following terms:
5. Evaporation:
6. Condensation:

7. Precipitation:

8. Surface Runoff:

9. Infiltration:
10. Transpiration:

Click on the Cycle:
11. Draw a diagram of the water cycle like they have shown you
12. What determines the water’s state of matter? _

Click on Cloud Formation:
13. Name 4 types of precipitation:

14. Based upon reading those 4 paragraphs and what you have previously read, write a couple sentences to describe how clouds form?

Read underneath where it asks you the question…why clouds have such unusual names?
What do each of these prefixes mean?
15. Cirro:
_ 18. Alto: _
16. Cirrus: _ 19. Stratus: _
17. Cumulus: _ 20. Nimbus: _
Please describe what each of these clouds would look and act like based upon the meanings of the terms above:
21. Cumulonimbus:
22. Nimbostratus:
23. Cirrocumulus: _
24. Altostratus: